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 How should i write my application?

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PostSubject: How should i write my application?   Fri Jun 01, 2012 10:29 am

Hello derp,
i see you don't know how to write your application.
But that's no problem. I didn't know how to do it too when i made an application on other Clans (like TAB or FG alias GS).

At first you need a title:
What are you applying for? Moderator or Member?
If you apply for moderator your title should be like this
Quote :
Application as being a Moderator
If you apply for member your title should be like this
Quote :
Application as being Member

Then you should write something about yourself:
- What's your name?
- Where are you from?
- How old are you?
- What school do you visit?
- What languages do you speak?

Then something about your CS2D experience:
- Your Unrealsoftware ID? (Note, if u dont have an Account on Unrealsoftware you will be rejected immediately!)
- How long do you play CS2D already?
- Which Clans have you already been?
- Do you have some experience with being moderator?
- Do you have some Mapping or Scripting experience?
- Do you think you are skilled in use with weapons? (like Rifles, Shotguns or Pistols)

If you had answered this Questions your application is almost done.
Try to make it look nice with Bold Text, Italic Text and/or Underlined Text. You might use colors too. But don't make it to colorful like this: Hello im Derp!

Hint: Try to write in full sentences, this makes your application look nice.

You think you're ready for the Application?
So open one here ->
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How should i write my application?
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