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 Applycation By Smith

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PostSubject: Applycation By Smith   Wed Jun 27, 2012 6:55 am

Hello people of 474 happy town,today is very nice day for me because i will post my application form for Be Mod in Ht server.....So there is...

Hello my name is Smith and i am 16 years old i am from France but i live in England-London..With my family my big brother my mum and my dad....Its great there i like Pizza Very Happy

I like playing cs2d everyday but i like more 474 HT server because i enjoy the game but some times some people hacking or spawnkill or shopkilll etc.For that i wanna become A Mod for Kick that people Or Report...Because sometimes i cant enjoy the game not only me but all players.....I was On #Gamer Clan But they havent lua now So i left because I boring playing all day with 2 players but in Your server i suggest and to my friends join your server and more your server is popular Now........I had a server very popular but i should closed it so i did it because i had dedicated server and sometimes i had some problems like my server isht online or Others....So I left all when i was looking for a Good and Nice Clan so i find this clan 474 clan and i join.... cheers ....I like playing cs2d all day every day Very Happy and i like playing Gta And Pro12 And NFS(Need For Speed)When i have spare time i like playing football with my friends or Basketballl or Bowling Very Happy It will be very good if i join your clan because first i will got friends...All members/mod/admins is very friendly and joyful everyday and i think we will be friends.........

I am good in scripting i had make some scripts but now i am try to be Map Maker because i cant make lua now because i wanna Play...I like playing Awp Server and Shotgun and HappyTown i got good skills in M3 And Deagle,Awp Deagle...I am very good in Aim because i playing much years Awp Server and Shotgun So i got good skills from 0-10 about 9.5 Very Happy I wanna join your clan because i hate speedhackers and i wanna help your clan.I will abuse any Power because i hate abusers Too!.I am playing cs2d much time but i made a Usgn Id early so i good new usgn that was my Wrong Very Happy if i had make a usgn when i start cs2di will had a older Usgn Id... cheers

For ending i wanna thank you for see my application form for being Moderator in your server...I got some ideas for improve your server if need me Smile And i got some friends who Hosting Servers For Free If They Like The Server And He Dont Want Any Power,Just If You Want Make He..... Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Applycation By Smith   Wed Jun 27, 2012 8:31 am

Multiple application.
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Applycation By Smith
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