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 Cactus Application for MOD

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PostSubject: Cactus Application for MOD   Mon Jul 02, 2012 7:15 am

Application as being MODERATOR....

Hello Chingy and Roomando Its time for my application form and BE CAREFUL!!!Aex123 Is Faker He try to be someone He change name like my name but my name is #Gamer* | CaCtUs**

Hello I am Alex and i am 15 years old i live in israel but now i am in turkey for holidays there is great.....Very Happy I playing cs2d and Cs.16 but i like better cs2d because i got my friends and i got my servers Very Happy but i wanna join and in others clan like your.......I like playing every day HappyTown servers and Sparta Servers I was in holidays and i cant join so now i can.....

More info About Me :

I like playing outside with my friend but i login every day 4 hour/5hours cs2d and I have enought time to join your server and be very active.......I like playing cs2d with awp because when i start cs2d first server when i join was Awp and i got good skills not only awp and m4a1 i got good aim and i kill all Very Happy...I remember in a server,i dont remember name i was Rank 1 with 8700 kills and playing 12 hours :DI like pizza and spaggeti.....I playing cs2d around 2 years or more and i am scripter and map maker....I had my server #Gamer | Town the map and lua was my....But now i havent server i gave it to my Friend Gaston(HeadHunter)and now me and my friend jony will open 3 servers for the Clan...He had bought a server but the server had problem with port so he lost the money Very Happy for now i havent clan my clan will be open in 2,3 months maybe if i finish all.....I had a previous name [ZD] but they close the clan because they got dedicated server and cant open the server 24 hours......Your server looks Cool.....For that i choose your server....And because i know Chingy Very Happy But i dont say that i know chingy and i will be accepted because i never abuse something like FriendShip i mean i never be friend with someone for win Rank or Something......I had players who become my friend for Mod or Member i understand it and i ban Very Happy........

I got experience of being MOD because i am in many server MOD and nobody got a reason for say i am not good because i follow the rules.....So for that i join this clan because all People follow the rules and i wanna take care for speedhackers or spawnkillers or shopkillers or........I was GM in a happy town and my best friend login and ask me for Member i told he Make application he made and i saw he ShopKilling and i gone and vote No is hes apply.....i got first of all the rules

Anything else you need to add:
Thanks for your time,the forum is good lke that,My usgn name Is D E A D and my usgn id 80828,Cactus*
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PostSubject: Re: Cactus Application for MOD   Mon Jul 02, 2012 7:41 am

God NO
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PostSubject: Re: Cactus Application for MOD   Mon Jul 02, 2012 8:05 am

You're not Cactus, you are that Aex shitty guy. Have fun with your ban, kid.
Oh and don't forget to remember that not every person you know is dumb as you.
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PostSubject: Re: Cactus Application for MOD   

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Cactus Application for MOD
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